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Ochepyatka Software

Have typed a text while Caps Lock was on?
Wrote a message using a wrong keyboard layout?
Have found a document in strange unreadable format?

Ochepyatka software will help!

Repair improperly typed text

Using Ochepyatka you can convert text between different keyboard layouts within a second! Just select an incorrect text fragment and press appropriate keyboard shortcut - the program will make some magic and fix your text immediately!

Here are some examples what Ochepytka can do:

  • hELLO wORLD -> Hello World
  • Рщц фку нщг, -> How are you?

Cool, isn't it?

Free typing helper software

Another cool thing: Ochepyatka software is free! Yes, yes, yes, the program will help you to type and fix the text absolutely free of charge. No doubt, you have to download software right now!

What does Ochepyatka mean?

It is a synthetic word biased on Russian "opechatka", that means a typo or misprint. Pronounced "O-Che-Pi-'A-Tka", transcription is [otʃepi'atka]. Anyway, there is an alternate name: Typing Helper.

Tell your friends about the text corrector

Please let all your friends know about this great software. Help them to correct a wrongly typed text in a convenient and easy way. After that, join our social media to discuss new features and get other useful software for free. See you there!